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Hi-Fi Pre-Amplifiers

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    Hi-Fi Pre-Amplifiers

    For recording any type of vocals or instruments, it’s crucial that you have a pre-amplifier. A pre-amplifier takes low level signals, such as the signal that comes from a microphone, and makes it so it can be heard. And as a professional musician or band, it’s also essential that you have a good quality pre-amplifier, as having a poor quality pre-amplifier can degrade the quality of sound.

    At Life Style Store, we’ve got the nation’s widest range of high-quality, hi-fi pre-amplifiers, including the latest models from the world’s best known brands, including the latest models from the most celebrated brands, such as McIntosh, with its eclectic analogue designs and Anthem, with their sleek, sophisticated appearance. To find out more, come in store to test our pre-amplifiers with the rest of your equipment or talk to one of our experienced sales staff today.